Information on local services

Information on local services

Information for older people
The ‘Infostore’ website – – is a great starting place for finding out about groups, organisations, classes and events, and finding useful fact sheets and advice.

Designed specifically for people over 50, Infostore is clear and easy to use. There is news and information about health and social care, leisure activities, benefits, transport and much more. You can look for organisations and events specific to your local area, and you can look for everything related to a topic you’re interested in.

If you’re interested in exchanging experiences or taking part in discussions about things that affect you, try out ‘Infostore’’s discussions on Facebook:

The ‘Infostore’ site has been produced by Leeds City Council in partnership with Leeds Older People’s Forum and NHS Leeds.

Information for people with a learning disability
‘Through The Maze’ is a local information service for people with a learning disability, their families, carers and other individuals and/or organisations who work with them.

‘Through The Maze’ can help you find the service you need for events, health, education, jobs, social and leisure activities, holidays and short breaks, housing and support, and much more. Visit: This website has been developed by Mencap and Leeds City Council.

For more information telephone 0113 262 6928
or email:

Information for people with a mental health problem
‘Information for Mental Health’ (IMH) is a local organisation providing, as the name suggests, a wealth of information for people who have mental health problems.

A joint venture between Leeds Mind and Adult Social Care, IMH understands that everyone’s mental health journey is unique and that people need different information, in different formats, at different points in their lives.

The IMH website is highly accessible, and has a database of about 800 services and organisations in Leeds that can help.

You can also visit for further information and advice.