Helping you to make informed choices in Bromley

Another important way that you, your family or carer can get information, advice and guidance about what services and support are available across the Borough is through the Bromley MyLife website – visit

The Bromley MyLife website has been designed to help you to make informed choices about what support and care you, or the person you care about, may need. It can:

  • help you to decide what support is needed to maintain your independence and to be safe in your own environment;
  • provide a range of information about what services there are in Bromley – and more widely – that will help you meet your needs; and
  • advise you on ways to plan your support around your own life, so that you can remain independent and live your life to the full.

You will also find out about the range of voluntary and community organisations in Bromley. These organisations can discuss your needs for support or care with you or your family. They also have access to a wide range of partner organisations that may be able to provide you with the support and care that you need.

Why is it important to make informed decisions?

During a research study in 2014, 87% of 11,700 older people asked stated that if the need arose for them to receive social care support they would prefer that this support was delivered in their own home.

The 87% of older people who responded stated that they would prefer to:

  • stay in their own home and remain independent for as long as they were able to; and
  • make their own informed decisions about what level of support they needed and how it was delivered.

What about you?

Do your loved ones know which of these options you would prefer? Or do you know which of these options your loved ones would prefer?

Have you asked them where they would like to live if the need arose for them to have social care support?

Have you and your family been told what options are available?

Often, following a medical crisis, such as a chest or urine infection or a fall, a loved one may be moved into a care home and, when this situation occurs, the person is sometimes unable to return to their own home. Have you spoken to your loved ones about your wishes if this were to happen?

Things to discuss

What do you or your loved one want to happen, either ideally or if a crisis arises?

Have you talked to the GP or social care services?

Do you know what options are available and have you talked about them?

Will you be self-funding or receiving support from the local authority or health service?

Do you know how to plan for your welfare and finances if you can no longer do it?

Do you know where to go for information?

It is worth reading this Directory and visiting the following websites to help you make informed choices and to answer the points above: