The pandemic not only resulted in over 126,000 people dying of Covid 19, it has also highlighted that millions of the population have had delayed treatment and diagnosis for a whole range of illnesses, cancer being just one. 

The knock-on effect is there are more people facing the end of life. 

The changing demographics in the UK population also predict an average of almost 2,000 additional weekly deaths by 20302. Dealing with the dying and supporting carers were major challenges during the pandemic and this end-of-life need is set to increase steadily over the next 10 years.

No one deserves to die alone

The charity, the Anne Robson Trust has recently set up a unique telephone helpline service for people to be able turn to and talk about the imminent death of someone they care about.  People facing the end of life, whether their own or a loved one’s, need support. 

Liz Pryor, Director and Founder of the Anne Robson Trust said:

“The pandemic has affected every part of our country, our society and our beloved NHS, but most of all its left people isolated and struggling to cope as a loved one dies. 

Over the last few months, we have been working hard to train volunteers to offer support and comfort over the telephone. I’m proud to launch our unique free helpline for people facing the end of life, whether their own or someone they care about.”

Manned by volunteers, the helpline is for anyone facing the imminent loss of a loved one, so dying themselves. It is there to offer support and provide an outlet to discuss the issues you may be facing.

The National helpline number is 0808 801 0688.  Calls are free from UK landlines and mobiles. The service is confidential, and runs between 12 Noon and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Markel 3rd Sector Care Award Winners, The Anne Robson Trust, began working with hospitals in 2018 to set up and train Butterfly Volunteers to work on hospital wards, providing comfort and companionship at the bedside of people at the end of life. The new Helpline allows them to offer their vital services to people despite restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Visit their website for more information about all the support they offer.