Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES)

Lincolnshire’s ICES is a partnership between Lincolnshire County Council and its four Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) partners. The service is provided by NRS Healthcare.

ICES provides short- and long-term loans of equipment, ranging from simple walking aids, through to larger and more complex items, such as pressure relieving mattresses and hoists. Equipment may also be designed to help you or to assist carers with the safer delivery of care. The service can also include installation, servicing and maintenance, depending on the type of equipment specified.

Assessment of your equipment needs and the ordering of items are carried out by practitioners, such as occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, nurses or other health and social care professionals.

We aim to deliver any equipment within five working days after the order is placed. Your practitioner can arrange any equipment that is required more urgently.

Technicians are trained to unpack and remove any transit packaging to enable the item to be used. Occasionally, complex equipment may require setting up. The health or social care professional will provide some training and demonstrate how to use the equipment.

As this is a loan service, you will need to arrange for the return of items that are no longer required. Please call NRS Healthcare on 0845 121 2031 to speak to someone who can help you with this.

Every effort is made to refurbish equipment to allow it to be recycled for re-issue to someone else. This reduces our costs and helps preserve our environment. Whilst every effort is made to collect items within five full working days after the request is logged, priority is given to the delivery of equipment.