Keeping you independent in North Yorkshire

There is growing evidence that small improvements to your life or circumstances can improve your health, wellbeing and independence. Evidence suggests that increasing your confidence, developing links into your local community and having access to good quality advice and information will prevent, reduce or delay your need for long-term health and social care support.

Living Well in North Yorkshire

As part of our wider prevention programme, we have invested in a new Living Well team. Living Well Co-ordinators work with individuals (and their carers) who are on the cusp of becoming regular users of health and social care services by helping them to access their local community and supporting them to find their own solutions to their health and wellbeing goals. This will help to reduce loneliness and isolation and help to prevent or resolve issues before they become crises.

As well as working with many teams within the council (such as public health and Stronger Communities), the Living Well team also works in partnership with NHS clinical commissioning groups, district councils and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations.

What does the service do?
Living Well in North Yorkshire aims to improve the health, wellbeing and independence of adults and, in doing so, reduce their use of formal support services, including emergency admissions to hospital. The core principles of the service are to:

  • Provide free, time-limited, targeted support where appropriate.
  • Promote independence and self-help.
  • Work with individuals, not do things for them.
  • Facilitate self-assessments and make referrals where appropriate.
  • Complement existing services.
  • Provide practical advice, information and support.

If you are eligible, Living Well Co-ordinators will spend time with you on a one-to-one basis to:

  • Identify what is important to you, what potential networks of support you have and what your priorities are. They will work with you to achieve the outcomes that are important to you.
  • Help you make simple changes to your lifestyle and your home environment. This may, for example, include providing basic advice to help you be more active, improve your mobility and, therefore, increase your independence and reduce the risk of falling,
  • Identify barriers and challenges to maintaining or improving your wellbeing and independence, and help to remove those barriers. For example, finding ways for you to attend a local community group.

As well as supporting you to maximise your own health, wellbeing and independence, Living Well Co-ordinators have excellent knowledge of local services and initiatives and, where necessary, they will support you to access those services.

This might range from access to home adaptations, such as a grab rail to prevent you having a fall in your home, or support to access a local friendship club to stop you feeling isolated, to providing advice on healthy living and sign-posting to lifestyle services.

Who can the service help?
Living Well can support adults who are currently not eligible for ongoing social care support and who:

  • Are lonely and/or socially isolated.
  • Have had a recent loss of a support network; including bereavement.
  • Have had a loss of confidence due to a recent change or event.
  • Require face-to-face information, advice and guidance.

This may be older people or people with physical or learning disabilities, sensory impairments or mental health needs.

How do you access the service?
When you contact us, an adviser will refer you to the Living Well team if you meet the requirements for the service. Please call our Customer Service Centre on: 01609 780780 or email: