Keeping people safe

Keeping people safe

Due to age, disability, illness or lifestyle, some adults may not be able to protect themselves against abuse or exploitation. Abuse can take many forms – physical, sexual, emotional, financial, neglect discrimination, institutional. It can happen anywhere – in a person’s own home, in the community, at work, in college, in health settings, care homes and day centres.

Anyone can be an abuser – and it is often the person that you least expect. Abusers can be members of the family, care workers, family members, friends, neighbours, volunteers or a stranger.

If you notice:

  • changes in a person’s behaviour or mood
  • unexplained injuries
  • signs of fear or distress
  • signs of neglect, or
  • theft, fraud or unexplained financial worries

and that person:

  • is over 18
  • is receiving or may need community care services because they have a learning disability, or physical disability or because of age or illness
  • is, or may be, unable to take care of themselves or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation

Please contact Social Services Direct on 01253 477592.