Learning disabilities

There are a range of services which you can access to support you to live independently, and also living in a supported environment if you choose. Telecare and telehealth  can also be useful in maintaining your independence.

Shared Lives
Shared Lives, also known as Adult Placement, allows citizens over 18 with learning disabilities, mental health difficulties, or sensory and physical impairments to be supported in another family’s home on either a long or short term basis.

Carers come from a range of backgrounds, but all are keen to support people in living in a supported and independent fashion. Citizens using the service are matched to a carer who will welcome them into their family home, either long-term, or for a short stay.

Shared Lives encourages carers to treat citizens like family and this gives the service a unique feel. Shared Lives is also ideal for respite care for citizens who would benefit from a family setting and one to one environment. Before citizens stay with their carers they meet with them several times to decide if they are the right carers for them. Carers are carefully selected and trained to support people with a range of needs in a family setting.

To enquire about using Shared Lives please call us on 0115 876 3222 or email adultsocialcare@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.