Leaving hospital

Leaving hospital

When you go into hospital, it may be for a planned treatment or as an emergency.

If you know in advance when you will be going into hospital, it is a good idea to plan ahead, perhaps with the help of a relative, friend or carer. You may need to think about things such as the care of a pet or pension collection, as well as getting all the things together that you will take with you into hospital.

If you or someone you care for gets social care support at home or you are in a residential home, you need to let the care provider know as soon as possible when you are going into hospital and how long you think your stay will be, because:

  • we may be able to help make alternative arrangements for people who may rely on you for their care
  • it can prevent staff from worrying about you if they cannot get an answer when they call at your home
  • we can make arrangements to keep your care home place available for a period of time. Your benefits and any contributions you make towards care may be affected.

If your hospital stay is an emergency, let one of the nurses know as soon as you can if any of the situations mentioned above affect you. You may also need help to arrange for the care of pets, to collect your pension or secure your home.

All Manchester hospitals have staff on site from Manchester City Council’s Directorate for Adults, Health and Wellbeing, who work closely with NHS staff and will help you sort out emergency, short-term or longer-term social care needs.

The Directorate for Adults, Health and Wellbeing can support customers, their families or carers to facilitate safe discharge from hospital. Many people leaving hospital require little help, and it may be that you only need information – but our staff will gladly direct you to the most appropriate source.

Other people leaving hospital may need services such as reablement, meals service, a community alarm and other specialist services when they get home. If needed, we can arrange help from our community teams for people who have mental health needs or learning disabilities.

While many people leaving hospital get help from their family and friends, if you can’t make these arrangements yourself then we will look at ways of arranging services for you.