Bristol charity Marmalade Trust encourages people to remove the stigma associated with loneliness

Loneliness is a common feeling and should be without stigma or shame. This is Marmalade Trust’s clear message for the UK’s third Loneliness Awareness Week, this week.

During 17th – 21st June, over 500 partner organisations will be supported by the trust, to put on events that bring people together and raise awareness of the loneliness we will all experience at some point in our lives.

Marmalade Trust Founder, Amy Perrin believes that key to feeling better about loneliness is changing the way we think, talk and feel about it.

Amy says:

“People rarely talk about loneliness, despite this being a common feeling. When people do talk about it, they often refer to loneliness in a negative way – saying it is something that is ‘suffered from’ or ‘I admit it, I’m lonely’.”

“We believe loneliness should not be seen as a negative, shameful or hopeless thing and educate people to see loneliness as a blank canvas on which they can fill their lives with new friends and experiences.”

“We’re encouraging people to take our pledge and to hold an event or get together. We want people to understand it’s ok to say ‘I’ve been lonely’ and spread the word with #letstalkloneliness. ”

The Marmalade Trust

The Marmalade Trust is committed to raising awareness of loneliness and believe that reducing the stigma is a fundamental starting point. Set up in 2013, in response to increasing evidence that shows the adverse effects loneliness can have on our health, they are the main charity in the UK that addresses loneliness amongst all age groups.

Studies have shown loneliness is as damaging as obesity or smoking fifteen cigarettes a day.

In 2017, Marmalade Trust launched the first Loneliness Awareness Week (LAW) with the aim of raising awareness of loneliness and creating a society where it is spoken about openly and normally. This year one of the event’s key aims is to reduce the stigma of loneliness.

Along with encouraging people to view loneliness as a common feeling, Marmalade Trust is supporting 500 organisations to put on events to raise awareness of loneliness. From groups of new mums who are holding open picnics in parks, to pottery classes opening their doors for a free social session and companies who are having a shared social lunch; there are many wonderful events taking place during LAW.

You can find out about the local events happening near you here. You can also use our Useful Contacts section to find regular social opportunities like clubs, day centres and more near your home town.