Lifestyle Hub in Bedford Borough

Would you like some support to improve an element of your lifestyle? The Lifestyle Hub can help you. The Lifestyle Hub in Bedford Borough offers programmes and guidance to prevent the onset of preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, stroke and some types of cancers.

We know that eating well and moving more all contribute to reducing this risk. If you want to make changes for you and not because somebody else wants you to, then you could benefit from the Lifestyle Hub. It is here to support you in making positive healthier lifestyle choices.

Your GP or Practice Nurse will refer you to the Hub. We will call you to book you in for your first appointment with a Lifestyle Adviser.

The Lifestyle Adviser will not tell you what to do, they will work with you to agree a plan that covers what you want to achieve and what will work for you. The plan could help you to:

  • get more active;
  • talk about healthy eating and swaps you could make;
  • get motivated;
  • lose a little weight (if appropriate);
  • set goals to work towards.

For more details:
Lifestyle Hub Coordinator
Tel: 01234 355122 ext 5741