Living at home

If you struggle with day to day tasks such as washing, dressing and cooking for example, there are useful aids, equipment, adaptations and home support available to make things easier and to help you live safely and independently in your own home.


As well as simple gadgets and gizmos, there is a range of equipment that may help you, including ‘Telecare’ services such as the Lifeline community alarm pendant. This is a particularly useful service that can help to reassure individuals and their families that help is available in the event of a fall or illness. Other similar equipment includes detectors and alarms.

Equipment such as grab rails, bath boards, or hoists can also make living at home easier for people, and it may be possible for this equipment to be loaned from the ‘Community Equipment Services’ in Stoke-on-Trent.

All of this equipment can be seen and demonstrated at the Mobility Independent Living Centre at Trentham (open to visitors from 9am – 5pm on weekdays). Some things can also be purchased from here, however you may be entitled to receive some things free of charge depending on your circumstances and what you need. Alternatively, if you would like an assessment to see if Telecare services or other equipment can help you, please call the Adult Social Care Contact Centre on 0800 561 0015.

More information about equipment is available by visiting


Adaptations to your home (regardless of whether you own it yourself or rent) can make your day to day life easier and safer – for example you may be finding it difficult to climb the stairs so rather than needing to move house you could install a stair lift.

The council can assess your circumstances and if appropriate make a recommendation that you receive a financial grant for this, or (if you are in rented accommodation) recommend to your landlord that certain changes are made.

The council can also make recommendations and support for you to be re-housed if your current home is unsuitable (if you are living in rented accommodation). Referrals can also be made to other agencies where necessary for example, the wheelchair clinic or to a physiotherapist.

If you would like an assessment or more information about adaptations, then please call the Adult Social Care Contact Centre on 0800 561 0015.

Home care

Sometimes it might be necessary to have care provided within your own home. This involves a care worker visiting you at home to help you with your personal needs such as washing yourself, getting dressed, using the toilet or preparing snacks and meals.

Care in your home is the main way of making sure that you are safe after a stay in hospital or illness, and it will help you to regain your independence and confidence. A care worker will work with you for a short time (usually 6 weeks) to help you regain your confidence and skills to live independently at home. More information is available at or by telephoning the Adult Social Care Contact Centre on 0800 561 0015.

Home maintenance and gardening

If you are finding it hard to maintain, repair or adapt your home then Stoke-on-Trent Home Improvement Agency (Revival) may be able to help you. Revival provides a range of property repairs, adaptations, handyman, safety checks and other home related services. To find out if Revival can help telephone 01782 749202.

There are also lots of other private and community/voluntary organisations that may be able to help with home maintenance and gardening – visit the service directory at for more information.