Living well

Living well

Staying active

Staying physically active not only helps with mobility, blood pressure and managing your weight, mentally it makes you feel good too. Staying active is not just about going to the gym – dancing, bowling and walking are all good ways to get exercise, have fun and meet new people.

It is also important to keep yourself mentally active by sharing your skills and learning new things.

Search for information on local community activities, organisations and special interest groups. There’s so much going on and lots of information about a wide range of activities and services.

For further information contact:

  • 01253 478463 for information about local walking groups, cycling and gentle exercise sessions
  • 01253 478007 for information contact Active Blackpool about how access local sport and activities
  • 01253 477477 for information on the free Blackpool Leisure Card and concessionary scheme, which offer discounts on local health and leisure facilities

Go to for information on the groups and societies that meet in the town.

Perhaps you could volunteer:

  • 01253 301004 – Blackpool Volunteer Centre for information about general opportunities to volunteer in Blackpool.
  • 01253 476884– Social Care Volunteers Services – for information on opportunities to volunteer with Blackpool Social Services.

Learn something new:

  • 01253 352352 – Blackpool and the Fylde College.
  • 01253 478131 – Adult and Community Learning (local daytime and evening classes).
  • 01253 478080 – Libraries in Blackpool offer great learning opportunities as well as resources.
  • 01253 356108 – University of the Third Age (lifelong learning opportunities).
  • 0151 243 5340 – Workers Education Association (providers of adult education opportunities).

It is good to get out!
There are lots and lots of things going on locally. Many local groups and societies meet regularly around the area often in community settings such as churches, sports/community centres or pubs, so it’s very likely that there is something happening close by that is of interest to you.

To find out more have a look at the ‘Eve’ section in the Gazette or look on the notice boards in the local shops and supermarkets. Go to

  • 01253 478080 – Libraries have a list of local organisations.
  • 01253 624505 – The Council for Voluntary Services also holds a list of local organisations.

Search for information on local groups and societies that meet in the town.

It can be hard going to a group for the first time but all groups are keen to keep up their membership and existing members will be happy to welcome a new face. If you can, phone and tell the organiser that you would like to come to the next meeting, so they can meet and welcome you. You could ask them to meet you at the door so that you are not going into the room on your own. Often you can visit groups for a couple of sessions before you decide whether you want to join or not.

Can’t find what you want?
You could start your own group. Social groups meet in a wide variety of places – from coffee shops to community centres – and get involved in a wide range of activities from reading groups to knitting. Advertise in the local shops and send a letter to the Gazette to attract other like-minded people.

For advice on setting up your own group contact 01253 624505 – The Council for Voluntary Services – who will be able to advise you about what is involved.