LRH Homes and St Cloud Care award Long Service Awards to a record 47 staff who have cared for their residents for more than 10 years.

At the care home Group, LRH Homes and St Cloud Care, making care special is at the heart of every day. Care, comfort and compassion are values that are very much evident.

Arnon Rubinstein, Managing Director, was proud that forty-seven team members in the Group were presented long service awards. These special team members have been caring in the homes for more than 10 years. He said:

“It is really important for our team to understand their day to day care experience, and that can only happen when people really know each individual living in our homes. Presenting long service awards demonstrates not only the commitment of the staff but that our homes are a great place to live and work in.

This is the best way to understand more of what our residents like, so they feel more at home and have a more enjoyable time. I am extremely proud of our staff. With more experience and guidance staff at all levels get to know the residents as unique individuals and provide personalised care to them.

The home managers in the Group are dedicated to creating an environment conducive to meeting the needs of the individuals living and working in our homes. We are particularly proud of not only the number of our staff who have achieved a long service award but also the length of time that they stay part of our family. Giving out a long service award for 30 years is a true achievement for the staff members, our residents and the Group.

We look forward to presenting more Long Service Awards next year and meeting new team members who decide on LRH homes and St Cloud Care as their Employer of Choice”.