Looking after someone

Carers Oxfordshire

Carers Oxfordshire is an organisation set up for carers which provides free information, advice and support to unpaid carers of adults in Oxfordshire to help you balance work and caring responsibilities. Call them on 0845 050 7666 or find them online at www.carersoxfordshire.org.uk

If you are a young carer (under 18) there is specialist support available. Call the Young Carers team at Oxfordshire County Council on 07919 298263 or email young.carers@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Benefits you may be entitled to as a carer

Help in an emergency

Emergency Carers’ Support Service is a support service for adult carers of adults in Oxfordshire. Experienced staff look after the cared-for person when the carer has an emergency and is unable to do so. Care can be provided from one to 48 hours and, in exceptional circumstances, up to 72 hours.

Carers must register with the service. It is simple and quick to do. You can call Carers Oxfordshire on 0845 050 7666, complete a form online at www.carersoxfordshire.org.uk or email carersoxfordshire@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Once you are registered, you can access emergency help quickly and efficiently when you need it.

You will receive a registration card which you can keep in your purse or wallet.