Mayor Visits Margaret House Residential & Dementia Care Home

The Mayor of Royston officially opened the final phase of the new 24 bed Dementia Wing at Margaret House, in Barley near Royston, Herts, on Thurs 1 September.

Thomas Kelly, owner said “It is the fulfilment of my vision to now have a dementia unit, alongside our residential wing, that offers the best design, facilities and atmosphere possible for people living with dementia.”

After cutting the ribbon, the Mayor was taken on a tour of the new facility, including the beautiful gardens and the sensory bathroom, then enjoyed chatting with residents, relatives and staff over tea and cake.

She said “I’ve been really impressed by the level of detail and the care taken to make it truly a home”.

To keep Margaret House and its staff at the forefront of the best dementia care, the Virtual Dementia Tour ‘Tardis’, which is the first of its kind in the UK and only the 3rd in the world’, is visiting the home in October.  It gives professionals and families an insight into the world of people with dementia via a virtual dementia tour, which simulates the world of someone with mid-stage dementia.  The experience is intended to allow people to improve the care they give.

The Tour is the only scientifically and medically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain the experience of what dementia might be like, it has been experienced by over 2 million people in 17 countries.

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