Meals services in Somerset

There are organisations that will sell you ready-made meals to make life easier.

Often meals services in Somerset can provide you with a frozen meal that you can warm up and eat when you choose.

Some meals on wheels services can also provide a hot meal to be eaten when it’s delivered.

Somerset Community Meals service
Somerset Community Meals service is for older people and people with disabilities who we agree need help to make sure they have regular cooked meals. This is provided at a discounted rate from a menu by Wiltshire Farm Foods. There are also some more expensive meals that you can buy if you want to.

The Meals at Home service delivers frozen meals to you every two weeks. The frozen meals must be kept in a freezer and can be reheated in a microwave, oven or special steamer. This means that you can choose what you eat and when you eat it and can have a cooked meal every day.

Your dietary, religious or ethnic needs can be catered for.

If you need to borrow any of this equipment from Wiltshire Farm Foods there is no charge for this, as long as you place the minimum order of ten meals every two weeks.

If you need help to get your meal ready or to eat it, this can be arranged after an assessment of your needs. You may have to pay for this; how much will depend on your circumstances.

You can still have meals services in Somerset without being assessed by us.

Wiltshire Farm Foods is a private company that provides a service to many parts of the country. You can buy meals from them privately but this won’t be at a discounted rate. You can find out more about Wiltshire Farm Foods by phoning them on: 01225 776793, or by contacting Somerset Direct on: 0845 345 9133.