Money and paying for support and care

Care funded by the Council

Do I qualify for local authority financial assistance?
If you have been assessed as needing a care home place and your capital is below £23,250 you may be entitled to financial support from your local authority. To find out more, contact Oxfordshire County Council’s Social and Health Care team on 0845 050 7666.

Do I have a choice of care home if the Council is paying?
Yes and it can even be in a different county. The home you choose must be suitable for your assessed needs, comply with any terms and conditions set by your local authority and not cost any more than they would usually pay for someone with your needs.

What if a home costs more than the local authority is prepared to pay?
The local authority will allow a third party to top-up your fees as long as they are able to do so for the long term. You are not allowed to top up the fees yourself from capital below £23,250.

My partner needs care, how does this affect me financially?
The Council will do a joint financial assessment for you and your partner, and will also carry out individual assessments on whoever needs care. The contribution you are asked for will be whatever the lower amount is from these assessments. If you receive joint benefits you will only be offered a joint assessment.

Paying for your own residential care

If you are self-funding your care because you are not eligible for local authority funding there are other forms of financial assistance you may be entitled to. The important thing is not to try to do it alone, always seek professional advice.

My Care My home is Oxfordshire County Council’s approved provider. They offer a free telephone and face to face advice service through home visits aimed at helping people find a suitable home care provider, independent financial advicer, or care in sheltered or Extra Care schemes and care homes. They are also able to visit people who are currently in hospital and require a package of care before they can be discharged.

The full service is explained in detail at: or you can ring their freephone number on: 0800 731 8470 to find out more.

Benefits advice

Oxfordshire Citizen’s Advice can help make sure you are receiving the benefits you are entitled to. Call: 08444 111444 or visit: to find out more.

You can also find out more about the benefits you might be entitled to by visiting: It features reliable advice on how to make a claim and what to do if your circumstances change.