NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of on-going care arranged and funded by the NHS, when it has been assessed that the individual’s primary need is a health need. It can be provided in any setting. In a person’s own home, it means that the NHS funds all the care that is required to meet their assessed health needs. In care homes, it means that the NHS also makes a contract with the care home and pays the full fees for the person’s accommodation as well as their care.

A national policy has been drawn up by the Government that sets out the types of conditions that will meet the eligibility criteria for continuing health care.Some people may be eligible for shared care, with some of the costs paid by the NHS and some by social services.

You can ask for an assessment by health and social care professionals if you think you may be eligible to have some of your care paid for by the NHS. Care managers can advise you about this.

Regular reviews will be carried out so if your needs change your care and/or funding arrangements will change to meet them. You can pick up a leaflet about NHS Continuing Healthcare from your GP or hospital.