Nottinghamshire Care Association

Nottinghamshire Care Association (NCA) is a not-for-profit organisation that represents a wide range of independent care homes throughout Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City.

What do independent homes have to offer a resident?

Independent homes range from small, comfortable and homely through to five star hotel-style luxury, with a vast range in between. Our members’ homes come in all shapes, sizes and locations, nearly every town has an independent care home. Although, in Nottinghamshire, all nursing homes are provided by the independent sector.

Our members’ homes each provide their own unique service, but all enable older people to enjoy what is best for them. For example: those who felt isolated in their own home gain companionship; people who were struggling to cope alone receive 24-hour help; and others who may have felt like they were a burden can find themselves much more independent.

Caring staff
However it is our staff who make the difference: that smile on their face that makes those around them smile and feel valued; being dependable and sensitive to the needs of others also brings renewed confidence; offering help with the things that are hard to do which makes a difference to residents’ lives and results in an important and highly fulfilling role; being on hand 24/7.

High standards
Independent care homes provide care that is over and above the Care Quality Commission’s Fundamental Standards – caring about every aspect of residents’ lives including health, diet, exercise, hobbies and social activities. They aim to ensure that all residents continue to enjoy life whilst receiving the very highest standard of care.

All homes provide personal services and registered nursing homes also provide 24/7 qualified nursing care. Some homes also provide dementia care, learning disability support and other more specialist care.

Our members are passionate about providing good quality. All independent homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are subject to stringent inspections by the CQC, the local councils, fire officers, the health and safety executive, environmental health officers and, for nursing homes, by the NHS-CCG. Unsurprisingly our members have a vested interest in providing a high-quality service to their residents. Independent government quality reports on every home can be found on the CQC website:

Good value
Accommodation and care charges vary according to the service offered and required – but all homes aim to provide good value for money. You may be surprised by how little high-standards of care cost. Although higher quality care often does cost more.

Details of the financial support available can be found elsewhere in this Directory. However specialist independent financial advice should always be considered.

If you are looking for a care home in Nottinghamshire why not visit one of our members’ care homes? Our website provides some useful information to assist you in choosing an independent care home:

If you go to the ‘Looking for Care’ section of the website there is a database of all homes to search.