Only one in ten unpaid carers confident about support continuing

1 in 10 unpaid carers feel confident of continued support

Carers UK research highlights the dire situation faced by unpaid carers.

Only one in ten (10%) of those caring unpaid for a relative or friend feel confident that the support they receive and rely upon will continue.

Half of unpaid carers (50%) said they expect their quality of life to get worse in the next 12 months with only 8% saying they expect it to get better.

Further findings from the charity, Carers UK, suggest these fears are not unfounded. The research found that for one in seven carers (15%), either them or those they care for, received less support from care services during the previous year due to a reduction in the amount of support from social services, a service closing without being replaced or an increase in costs. This was despite carers saying that needs had either stayed the same or increased.

The new research, State of Caring 2018, carried out with nearly 7000 people currently caring unpaid for loved ones and released today paints a worrying picture of families under immense strain and an underfunded social care system that is really taking its toll on families.

Carers report that they are struggling to manage financially, look after their own health and keep their careers. Over a third of carers (37%) described their financial situation as ‘struggling to make ends meet’, while a further 20% said they are in or have been in debt as a result of caring.

Carers UK is urging national governments to take the lead in coordinating action across national and local government, the NHS and employers. It is crucial that immediate action is taken to make a difference to carers’ lives.

To read more about the report and hear from Heléna Herklots, Chief Executive of Carers UK, click here. 

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