Paying for care

There are no charges for NHS services or for seeing a care manager. In addition you will not have to pay the charges for home care, day time activities, meals on wheels or short break (respite) care if:

  • you are receiving after-care following compulsory treatment under mental health legislation
  • you are living in a care home
  • you have Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (although short
  • break charges may still apply).

The charges quoted below (as of August 2013) are re-considered at least annually.

Charges for non-residential social care services

A financial assessment and benefits officer will visit you to assess your ability to pay, based on your income and savings. This person will also be able to answer any questions you may have about paying for services.

Home care

The standard charge is currently £3.21 per quarter hour of care, up to a maximum of £251.75 per week for people who can afford to pay that much.

Many people do not have to pay as much as this and some people don’t have to pay at all. If you are receiving a personal budget (see page 5) these can be used to purchase home care services directly from the supplier.

Day services

Charges for day services vary depending on how much it costs to provide. However you will only have to pay for the service itself if your financial assessment says that you can afford to – and the maximum anyone has to pay for home care and day services is £251.75 per week. These charges do not include the costs of any meals provided in day services, or transport to day services. If you use these there are charges of £2.50 a day for meals, while transport provided by the day centre, or funded by us to get to the day service generally costs £2 a day.

Short break care charges

Charges for this will vary, depending on your financial circumstances. If you depend on social security benefits entirely, you will pay between £47.80 and £181 a week. If you have savings of more than £23,250 you will have to pay £419.58 a week. This will increase if you receive more than 56 nights of care in a year.

If you need more information, contact the Charges Helpline on 01670 622891 or write to:
Finance Section, Adult Social Care
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 2EF