Paying for your care

Social care, unlike health care, is not free for everyone. Councils only have a limited amount of money and cannot provide services directly for everyone. If you have been assessed as being eligible for social care support, we will look at what help you need and what it should cost. This gives you an overall annual personal budget for the cost of your care.

If you have been assessed as needing a personal budget for your support, you will need to let us see details of how much money you have. We will work out if you are able to pay some or all of the cost of care yourself. This is called a financial assessment.

In carrying out the financial assessment you will be asked to sign a consent form that allows us to speak to the Department of Work and Pensions and other Government services on your behalf. This will help us work out your charges and make sure you receive the right welfare benefits. If you do not provide us your financial details or do not want a financial assessment, you will have to pay the full costs of your service.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC)
NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS to meet physical and/or mental health needs that have arisen because of disability, accident or illness. You can receive CHC funding in any setting, including your own home or a care home.

NHS CHC is free, unlike social care help from Adult Services, for which a financial charge may be made depending upon your income, savings and other assets. Anyone assessed as having a specific level of health care needs may receive CHC funding. It is not dependent upon a particular disease, diagnosis or condition, or on who provides the care or where that care is provided.

If your overall care needs show that your primary need is a health need, you should be eligible for NHS CHC funding. This will be discussed with you during the assessment process.
If at any time you feel that your health has deteriorated then you can request an assessment for CHC funding and your eligibility will be looked at.

NHS Nursing Care Contribution
NHS funded nursing care is funding paid directly to a nursing home for care provided by registered nurses employed by the home. Services provided regularly by a registered nurse are likely to involve:

  • provision of nursing care supervision or monitoring of care provided by a non-registered nurse;
    • planning and reviewing a care plan;
    • monitoring and reviewing medication needs; and
    • identifying and addressing potential health problems.

Eligibility for NHS funded nursing care in a nursing home should not be considered until it has been agreed that you are not eligible for CHC funding and that a place in a nursing home is the best option for meeting your needs.

You may be called a self-funder if you are meeting the costs of your support without any help from the Council. This can include support to live independently at home or in a care home. Some people choose to be self-funders because they do not want to be financially assessed, or they choose to make their own arrangements for support. Tameside Council can only make a contribution to the cost of your support if:

  • we have assessed you as being eligible for support from us, under the Fair Access to Care criteria
    • you have had a full financial assessment from us and we have told you that you do not have to pay for the full cost of your care.

Even if you don’t think the Council will be able to make a financial contribution to the costs of your support, and you think you will be funding all of your support from your own resources, it makes sense to have a free assessment. You may find you are entitled to help with costs after all.

If we cannot help with the costs, as a self-funder you are still entitled to the same free detailed help and advice in working out your needs and finding the right service as anyone else.

 This Directory’s helpline
This Directory’s free helpline provides an independent information and help service encompassing care services and accommodation. A personalised report can be generated for customers providing details of all care homes or housing with care schemes that meet their criteria.

One call to the freephone number 0800 389 2077 will enable the service to build a profile of exactly what type of care you’re looking for, while taking into account your personal needs and interests.