Paying for care – in your own home

Citizens who have been assessed to receive adult social care will have a package set-up and funded by Nottingham City Council. You will have received a care-needs assessment, typically by a social worker, to confirm that you qualify for funding from NCC for your care package. Fairer Charging will receive a referral from our adult social care colleagues to carry out a financial assessment to determine if you are able to make a contribution to the cost of your package.

What is Fairer Charging?
Fairer Charging is a financial assessment system created by central government policy. It ensures that people who receive non-residential social care and support are not asked to contribute more than they can afford to pay for the services they receive. A financial assessment is not compulsory, but if you choose to decline the assessment you will be expected to pay the full cost of any social care services you receive.

Where is the assessment conducted?
Usually at the home of the citizen or a relative, due to the location of their paperwork. It is highly recommended that you have support from a friend, relative or representative at the assessment if you do not deal with your own finances.

What information will I need to provide?
A financial assessment officer will look at:

  • your income;
  • any savings and investments you may have;
  • additional property;
  • essential expenditure, i.e. rent or mortgage, council tax; and
  • disability-related expenditure (any expenditure due to your disability).

How is my assessment calculated?
We will look at your savings, income, housing-related expenditure and disability-related expenditure, and also deduct an amount set by the Government for living costs. What remains is what we call your ‘Total Chargeable Income’. Your Total Chargeable Income is the amount of money we have calculated that you have available each week to contribute towards the cost of your social care service.

A full benefits check is conducted even if you are not expected to make a contribution.

After an assessment has been completed you will be sent a letter explaining the outcome of your assessment. If you’ve been assessed as able to make a contribution, you will receive an invoice every four weeks.

Contact details
The Fairer Charging Team, Nottingham City Council,
Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG
Tel: 0115 876 2525