Paying for domiciliary care/support

Gloucestershire County Council may be able to help you with the cost of some of your domiciliary care/support, ask for an assessment of your care needs and financial situation.

Any financial assistance will depend on your assets and income and could come in the form of a personal budget. Your social worker should review your assessment, at least annually. This will provide you with a regular check on how well your arrangements are meeting your needs.

If at any time you feel your circumstances have changed or that costs have increased, you should contact Gloucestershire County Council to request another assessment.

Those arranging and funding their own care either privately or with a personal budget can choose their own care provider. If you are paying for your own care we would strongly recommend that you seek specialist information and advice before entering into any commitments to ensure that you explore all the care funding options available to you and avoid running out of money.

Gloucestershire County Council contracts regularly with some providers in the county and these are denoted with GCC within the listings.