Personal Budgets

A Personal Budget is an amount of money to pay for your social care support if you are recognised as needing longterm support from Adult Social Care after an assessment of your situation. It allows you to have more choice and control over your life because it lets you make decisions about the support that you need. It asks how you want to live your life, what you want to achieve and the type of support you need to do this.

There’s also a financial assessment to work out how much you need to pay towards your Personal Budget. Adult Social Care also checks that you are getting the benefits you are entitled to.

A Personal Budget, for example, can be used to pay for a personal assistant if this is needed to support you.

The amount should be enough to meet your assessed needs. The assessment will look at things like how much help is needed to carry out practical tasks for daily living.

This money can be managed by you or Adult Social Care and is not classed as income – it’s paid to meet your needs, and having a Personal Budget will not affect your

A Personal Budget can also be managed by someone you nominate to act on your behalf or you can ask the council to look after your budget and use it to buy and arrange support. You can also choose to use a mixture of these methods.