Personal budgets

Personal budgets can be managed in a number of ways

Option 1: Personal budget by Direct Payment.

This option provides the greatest flexibility. Money is paid directly to you. You can use this money to organise, buy and manage your agreed support. A thorough guide to help you manage your money – The Direct Payment Guide is available online at or from the Adult Social Care Helpdesk: 01452 426868.

Option 2: Managed personal budget

Gloucestershire County Council can organise, buy and manage all your agreed support for you, although this does reduce the level of flexibility available to you.

Option 3: Combination personal budget
You can choose a combination of the above two options.
This will be discussed with you.

Keeping track: If you receive Direct Payments, you are responsible for how the money is spent. The Council can help you do this and will need to see that you have used the money in the right way, so keep a careful record on how you use the money and always keep your receipts. You aren’t allowed to use Direct Payments to pay for permanent residential accommodation – but you may be able to use them to pay for occasional short stays, if Gloucestershire County Council agrees that is what you need.

Most Direct Payments are made to meet regular ongoing support needs, however they can also be made as a single payment, for example, to purchase equipment or a short respite break. Direct Payments are made directly into your bank, building society, Post Office or National Savings account.