Personal Care Assistants in Shropshire

Personal Care Assistants (PAs)

A Personal Care Assistant is someone who you employ to help you with your day-to-day needs. Commissioned by Shropshire Council, POhWER has been working in Shropshire since 2006 and holds information about Personal Assistants (PAs) you can employ using your Direct Payment, or privately if you are a self-funder.

POhWER is available to support you if you wish to explore the use of a Direct Payment and ensure you have the advice and help you need in order to move forward with this option. POhWER can advise you on how to recruit PAs and how to apply a safe and equitable recruitment process, including carrying out interviews, and ensure you have the necessary information you need in order to be a ‘good’ employer.

Your care manager from Shropshire Council can provide you with more information about POhWER or you can access information on funding a PA by visiting the Shropshire Choices website at

To contact POhWER directly, call 0300 456 2370 (charged at local rate) or email:

Alternatively, there are two places where you can actively search for a PA to support you to meet your needs:

Shropshire Choices: