Personal care at home

Personal care at home

Home care services (domiciliary care) aim to help those struggling to cope in their own homes with daily activities such as getting in and out of bed, dressing and toileting. They can also help with daily living or domestic tasks like laundry, shopping and some meal preparation. For those with special needs, specially trained staff are available.

Home care is available for older adults and people of any age with a physical or learning disability, or a mental health problem. The service can also help parents and carers of children with disabilities and provide support to your own carer if you have one.

Home care services can be provided by:

  • Independent agencies
  • Voluntary agencies
  • Individuals (using Direct Payments)

The amount of care you receive each week will depend on your assessed needs (this will be worked out with us first) and will be delivered by a small team of carers. They must be specially trained in areas such as manual handling, first aid and food hygiene. Carers will also have had background checks with the Criminal Records Bureau and the Vetting and Barring scheme.

Some agencies offer a night sitting or even a live-in service and some are also registered as Nurses’ Agencies, meaning they can provide registered nurses if needed.

All home care organisations that provide personal care must register with and be inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which ensures that quality standards are met by the service and that staff are appropriately trained to do the job. Before you choose a home care agency please read their most recent inspection report available at:

You may be able to get financial help from us towards the cost of care at home. Some people pay a reduced amount or don’t have to pay anything at all. Your financial assessment takes into account your ability to pay and your disability-related expenditure. You can contact Social Services Direct on 01253 477592.