Meals on Wheels

Delivery of ready meals to your home may be available. There are services that provide delivery of frozen meals, or delivery of freshly cooked hot meals. Frozen meals can be delivered in bulk and kept in your freezer until required, though the delivery of hot meals is for immediate consumption. Councils can arrange meals delivered to your door, or meals on wheels, though you would have to meet their eligibility criteria for older people and it wouldn’t necessarily be free. National and local commercial organisations also provide meals delivered to your door at a charge.

To find out about meals on wheels in your area, contact Essex’s Adult Social Care Department
on 0845 603 7630, or Southend-on-Sea’s Department for People on 01702 215008. A number of commercial companies can also provide this service. A meals on wheels listing is
available at (search for ‘meals on wheels’), being commercial companies they
may also deliver to Southend-on-Sea.