Personalised care and support

Personalised care and support

Self-Directed Support aims to replace the traditional system of social care, by putting people in control of the care they receive so that you can live the life you choose. It recognises that some people can manage their support on their own whilst others may need help – from family, friends or paid carers.

A Personal Budget is an allocation of funding given after an assessment. You can have your Personal Budget paid directly into a bank account (a direct payment), or have the money paid directly to a provider as an individual service fund or let your local authority use it to arrange the services for you. Alternatively, a combination of a number of methods is possible.

You may have to make a contribution towards your Personal Budget. To make sure that this is as accurate as possible we will arrange for someone from the Council’s Fairer Charging Team to visit you at home to offer you a benefits check and financial assessment.

If we are able to offer you a Personal Budget you will need to develop a Support Plan to show how the money will be spent. The Support Plan will take into consideration the things that you enjoy doing, your likes and dislikes and the people you love, as well as your abilities and care needs. You can develop your support plan yourself, with friends, family or carers or alternative we can help you with this or signpost you to a range of community options.

New ways of paying for care
Direct Payments are a way of using your Personal Budget. A Direct Payment is money paid straight into your bank account so that you can choose and arrange your own care rather than using Council services. Direct Payments are available to anyone who has social care needs (including carers) to purchase care.

The payments are given to people after an assessment and are provided instead of community care services. The payment will be enough to enable you to purchase services to meet your needs and must be spent on services you need. The Council’s Support Planning Team will help you decide what to spend the money on. People receiving Direct Payments will take on the responsibilities of an employer, as they will be commissioning their own care and support. For some people there are other options where they are supported to manage their direct payment through an Individual Service Fund. This is where the Personal Budget is paid directly to a provider of their choice who will take on the responsibility of employer and commission the care needed on their behalf.

Most Direct Payments are made to meet regular ongoing support needs. However, they can also be made as a single payment – for example, to purchase equipment or a short respite break.

Direct Payments are available to meet social care needs usually met by the Council, but not to replace services arranged by other parts of Calderdale Council or the NHS. Guidelines apply, but as long as the services that you buy are legal, keep you healthy, meet your support needs and help you achieve what is needed, you can have control over it.

For further details, please contact Gateway to Care on 0845 11 11 103.