A charity offering a new, independent personalised technology (PT) consultancy service for people with learning disabilities has been awarded its first contract in Bath.

Hft will be providing tailored assessments of approximately 40 people across the city to identify ways that PT can be used to support them to become more independent and gain a greater level of choice and control over their own lives.

The charity has more than 13 years of experience in using technology to help people with learning disabilities live more independent, safe, and healthy lives. The team was commissioned for its unique expertise by ‘We Care and Repair’ – contractors for the local authority – and the project is being financed by the Department of Health’s Housing and Technology Fund, which aims to help people increase their independence, choice and control, as well as reducing costs.

Over the coming months face to face meetings will be taking place to identify each person’s needs before recommendations are made about which technologies could be used to help improve their lives. This could range from appliances like easy-to-use kettles and microwaves to safety features like fingerprint locks and door sensors.

Sarah Weston, Innovation Manager for Hft’s personalised technology team, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to share our expertise in using technology to enhance lives. We listen to the daily challenges people face and identify personalised technology solutions that give them more independence and control – from a special plug that stops a forgotten bath overflowing to a full telecare system that keeps someone safe at home. It’s all about putting the person at the centre to find the right solution for their needs, promoting greater independence while providing reassurance and peace of mind.”

To find out more about Hft’s personalised technology team email personalisedtechnology@hft.org.uk or call 01174 035 606.