Planning your support

Planning your support

When you have completed your self-directed assessment if you are eligible for support, a social worker will identify an ‘indicative budget’.

An ‘indicative budget’ is an idea of what the Department of Adult Social Services considers it may cost to meet all your ‘critical’ and ‘substantial’ social care needs.

If your needs can be met with the support of family, friends, neighbours and your local community then this will be considered first.

The amount is a guide to the estimated cost of meeting your assessed needs. It is not an allocation of money, or a right, or a fixed resource, and it is used as a guide to the potential cost of providing support when constructing your Support Plan. The aim is to ensure you know of any costs to you to help with constructing your plan.

In order for the Support Plan to be agreed, Wirral Council must be able to see and agree that your Support Plan meets clear outcomes relevant to you.

When you have been told what your indicative budget is, you will need to agree a Support Plan. You can get help from your social worker, a family member, a friend or someone else. The Department of Adult Social Services has developed partnerships with ‘brokerage agencies’ who we can ask to help you write your Support Plan.

For both you and your carer your Support Plan should include details of:

  • the things that are important to you
  • how you are proposing that the spending of your personal budget will help you achieve outcomes which will:
    • enhance your quality of life
    • keep you safe and make you feel safer
    • help you to regain or gain more independence
    • support you to remain in your own home
  • how the money will be spent on a day to day basis