Prevention services in Derbyshire

Prevention services aim to offer low-level support to help people remain independent.

There is a number of prevention services in Derbyshire including:

Signposting – Derbyshire First Contact Scheme

The First Contact Signposting Scheme is a free service for adults living in Derbyshire. By filling in one simple form, you can be referred to a number of local organisations and community groups who offer services, information and advice to support your health, independence and wellbeing. These include:

  • home fire safety checks;
  • housing options advice;
  • information about community alarms;
  • support with emotional/mental wellbeing;
  • welfare rights advice;
  • support to lead a healthier lifestyle, including stopping smoking, losing weight, getting more active, reducing alcohol intake and help with substance misuse;
  • warm homes advice;
  • information about social and recreational activities;
  • access to the home library service;
  • information about local community transport;
  • support for carers;
  • advice about preventing falls; and
  • information about local befriending services.

You can fill in the First Contact form on our website at: or, if you prefer, you can request a copy of the First Contact leaflet (which contains a pull-out form) by contacting Call Derbyshire on: 01629 533190 or by emailing:


Volunteers are very important and support a huge range of activities and services that could not run without them. People choose to volunteer for all sorts of reasons, including getting more involved in their community, a desire to help other people, and to build their own confidence and learn new skills. People of all ages and backgrounds are involved with volunteering and assist in places like libraries, care homes, befriending services, sports clubs and much more.

Many people say that they find the experience of volunteering very rewarding. If you would like to volunteer we’d love to hear from you, even if you can only spare one hour a week. To find out more, please visit: or contact your local Community and Voluntary Services centre.


Time Swap is a new scheme that encourages local communities to help each other by sharing time and talents.

Time Swap members earn ‘time’ by doing things in their community to help other people. For example, Mrs Jones feels isolated as she has no family in the area. So Time Swap member, Mrs Hudson arranges to visit Mrs Jones for an hour a week for a cup of tea and a chat. By visiting, Mrs Hudson will earn an hour in ‘time’. She needs a little help with her garden so she contacts her Time Swap broker and redeems her hour earned for an hour gardening from Mr Shaw who is another Time Swap member.

Time Swap talents can be all sorts of things: basic DIY, sewing, help with paperwork/forms, dog walking, cooking, computer skills, reading, ironing – it really can be anything.

If you are interested in becoming a Time Swap member, you can apply on our website at: or contact Call Derbyshire on: 01629 533190 to ask for further information through the post.

Handy Van

The Derbyshire Handy Van Service provides practical support to help older and vulnerable people to live independently in their own homes. The service is available to people over 60 and each eligible household can use the service, for free, twice a year. The service offers:

  • home fire safety checks;
  • falls prevention advice;
  • installation of key safes;
  • energy efficiency advice; and
  • practical DIY tasks, such as hanging curtains or changing light bulbs.

People under 60 can access the service if they are referred by Adult Care, the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, Derbyshire Police, a health professional or their local district or borough council.

To access the Handy Van Service please call: 0203 535 4999 (calls charged at a local rate) or find out more at: