Silent Power trial unveiled to maintain power to vulnerable customers during a power cut

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for the electricity distribution network that powers the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, has partnered with British energy storage SMEs Hyperdrive Innovation and Offgrid Energy to run a trial which could revolutionise temporary power restoration in the UK.

The Silent Power project will see electric vans with on-board energy storage systems quietly and cleanly restore power to customers who become vulnerable during a power cut or essential maintenance work.

Up to three homes or a small community centre could be powered with just one van for 24 hours – even longer if those homes have domestic solar generation.

Training was completed earlier this year and the first vehicle will be on the streets of Northern Powergrid’s operating area this month.

More than 20% of Northern Powergrid’s customer-base is on the Priority Services Register – a service provided by suppliers and network operators to customers who may need extra support in a power cut – and 12% of those on the register are medically dependant on electricity.

“There is considerable opportunity for Silent Power to reduce the impact of power cuts for vulnerable people across our region, while also improving the air we all breathe and reducing noise pollution,” said Patrick Erwin, Policy and Markets Director at Northern Powergrid. “This is just one way we are demonstrating our commitment to ensuring the energy transition works for all people across our society – not just those that can afford the latest technology.”