This is an integrated health and social care reablement service and is usually a short-term intervention. The aim of the reablement service is to maintain or increase your independence through rehabilitation and enabling activities and allow you to live in your own home for as long as possible.

You will be supported with the provision of short-term care support and/or therapeutic intervention for example physiotherapy, occupational therapy or nursing. The initial assessment is carried out by multidisciplinary teams of health and social care staff. The reablement service will promote your health and well-being and can help to maintain your independence at home.

The servicealso aims to reduce unnecessary admission to hospital by providing a rapid response to you at home. In addition, the service can enable you to be discharged home from hospital earlier by providing care support and intensive rehabilitation in your own home.

The service may last up to six weeks and is free of charge. When the reablement period is completed, if you have any ongoing health or social care/support needs, a plan for your future care/support needs will be discussed and you will be given details on how you can receive help to set up on going care/support arrangements.

Ask your care manager or health worker for further details.