Reablement is a method of short-term support designed to help you become as independent as possible.

Perhaps you need support with personal care or to prepare a meal. The reablement service will work with you to make it as easy as possible to manage these tasks on your own.

In traditional home care, someone would visit and do these tasks. With reablement, the support staff will work with you so that you can learn or re-learn important tasks needed for everyday life.

Many people who participate in a reablement programme find that afterwards they can cope very well on their own, without the need for ongoing social care support.

Reablement can be provided in your own home from the START team or the Intermediate Care Team (ICT) or, on a short-term residential basis, at one of four specialist care centres across the County.

How can I get reablement?

Reablement, which usually follows a period of ill health, will be recommended by health and/or social care professionals working with you if they believe you will benefit.

When a review is being conducted, your goals will be discussed and whether a reablement programme can help you to achieve these. The programme will normally last up to six weeks and will be free of charge as long as you are making progress. This will be reviewed every week by the reablement team.

Will I need any special equipment?

During the programme, a reablement worker may suggest you carry out some tasks in a slightly different way to make them easier for you to do on their own.

Small pieces of equipment may have to be purchased to make certain tasks easier.

Reablement workers will be able to show a catalogue of equipment available and will also inform you of where to find specialist shops or an equipment service in the County.