Residential care homes

Inspecting care services

All care services, including residential care homes, are required by law to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Homes are categorised by the type of care they provide and are listed in this Directory, starting on page 23.

The latest inspection reports for care homes and care homes with nursing on the Isle of Wight can be viewed on the CQC website:

Is a care home the right option for me?

If you need greater assistance with personal care such as bathing, feeding, dressing and help with moving, and your needs cannot be met in your own home, a care home offering personal care may be the answer.

You will need to think about how you are going to pay for your residential care placement. Based on your financial assessment, you may have to pay for all or just some of the cost of your residential care. An important consideration when choosing a care home is that if eligible for financial assistance, the Isle of Wight Council will only pay a set amount for residential care, so if the cost of your residential care placement is more than this, you will need to make up the difference. This is usually done through what is called a ‘top-up’ – that is, the extra cost being met from a family member or good friend.

Care homes with nursing

If your needs are too great to be met in a care home that offers personal care only you may need a care home which offers nursing care. A care professional or a registered nurse will visit you to look at what care you will need. This visit might be in your own home, a hospital if you’ve been ill, or a residential care home. You will be fully involved in planning your care needs.

If a care home providing nursing care is the best solution for you, a care professional will give you information to help you find a home which meets your care needs. The cost of the nursing care part of your fees is paid by the NHS directly to the care home. It is important that you get your nursing care needs identified before you go into a care home with nursing. You may be entitled to ‘fully funded continuing healthcare’. This will be looked at during the assessment process. You may want a carer, family member or friend to be part of this. This Directory contains details of residential care homes and care homes with nursing on the Island starting on pages 23 and 26 respectively.