Returning home from hospital in Northamptonshire

Plan your discharge – returning home from hospital in Northamptonshire

If you require some form of support or advice to enable you to return home from a hospital stay, this may be organised for you by one of the Health Partnership Teams, made up of health and social care staff.

The Health Partnership Teams are committed to enabling people to return to their own homes wherever possible, either directly or via a short term period of reablement in a residential setting such as the four specialist care centres in Northampton, Corby and Rushden.

Organisations which can support with people returning home from hospital in Northamptonshire include Serve care organisation and the Short Term And Rehabilitation Team (START).

Serve’s range of service provision covers:
• day and home care;
• community transport;
• daily living equipment and mobility products;
• hearing aid assistance;
• benefit advice; and
• handy person services.

Serve can be contacted at:
19 Church Street, Rushden, Northants NN10 9YU
Tel: 01933 315555

Short Term Assessment and Rehabilitation Team (START)
START provides support, usually with personal care for a very short time, anything from a few days to a maximum of six weeks, in your own home.

You may already be at home, or about to  return home from a specialist care centre or a hospital, are feeling run down, poorly, or have  had some kind of accident or change in your life. Some people will only need a little support, others a great deal. The team will support you to, either ‘get back on your feet’, or identify how much support you may need in the future.

This service is not chargeable for up to six weeks whilst you are receiving reablement support as long as you are making progress. If you need home care support to continue, we can arrange it and give you information about how much it will cost.

The START teams are locality-based and for further information on each of the START teams speak to the Customer Service Centre on 0300 126 1000.