The Willows Day Care Centre in Sittingbourne was decorated with banners, flags & balloons all designed and made by the clients at the centre. On the day of the celebrations once everyone had arrived each client voted who they would like to see as Queen for the day. Once the decision had been made the centre held a coronation for their new Queen, Sheila Rumley, and even played the coronation music, which some recognised and whistled along too!

Staff at the Willows spent the morning looking at pictures, reminiscing about events throughout the Queens life, and shared memories. The tables were laid for a royal banquet with name cards, flags and menus whilst Dennis Boakes & Dot Richardson helped staff to fold the napkins into crowns.

The Royal birthday banquet consisted of: ‘Balmoral’ butternut squash & sweet potato soup, ‘Windsor’ lamb hot pot with vegetables, and ‘Royal’ apple crumble with cream.