In a fantastic festive video, residents and carers at Greenacres care home have come together to brighten peoples spirits with a re-make of the hit Christmas song ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. 

Lifestyle Manager, Jessica Skirrow said, ‘We had a wonderful time creating our music video, our residents really shine in their little scenes! This year more than ever it has been hugely important for us at Greenacres to spread some positivity and Christmas spirit and put smiles on peoples faces – I really think this video captures that! ‘. 

Greenacres resident, Patricia Rose MBE, said, ‘​I had so much fun wearing my elf costume and dancing for the beginning of the video! We had the most festive afternoon whilst filming I am so pleased I was able to take part’. 

Mrs Claus, also know as, Glenys Pallister, said, ‘​It was so fun dressing up as Mrs Claus for the afternoon, I love the song so it made the day even more special! It means a lot to me that we can celebrate Christmas and begin to spread joy to people!’.