Self directed support

Self-Directed Support is a way of providing social care to adults in their own homes. It involves identifying a personal budget – an amount of money designed to help you take control over your life, so that you can meet your care needs and manage your own support. Personal budgets are designed for people who live in their own homes and cannot be used to pay for residential care.

You can choose to spend your personal budget in one of two ways. You can either give the money back to the council and ask them to continue to provide all your care, this is called a ‘virtual budget’ as no money actually changes hands. Or you can choose to have a direct payment. If you choose a direct payment, the council will give you the cash to organise your own support.

You don’t have to manage the direct payment on your own; you could ask Kirklees Council or a friend or relative to help you. Some voluntary organisations will also manage the money for you and use it to buy the things you need.

For more information please visit: or telephone Gateway to care on 01484 414933.