Self-directed support and personal budgets

What is ‘personalisation’?
‘Personalisation’ is a different way of delivering health and social care services. It aims to give people more choice and control over how their care needs are met.

What is a personal budget?
A personal budget is an amount of money allocated to you by Nottingham City Council and/or NHS Nottingham City.

A personal budget makes it clear to you how much money is available for your care and support. You will be able to discuss and agree the best way to spend this money to meet your health and social care needs. This gives you more choice and control over the support you get.

Why use a personal budget?
Personal budgets help you to get the best out of the services that you receive. This is because you are in control and can decide how your health and social care needs are met in a way that makes sense to you.

Who can have a personal budget?
Personal budgets are available to many people who are eligible to receive help from Nottingham City Council and/or NHS Nottingham City. An assessment will determine whether you are eligible or not.

A health or social care professional will assess your needs before you are offered a personal budget. This assessment will look at:

  • your eligibility for support;
  • your health and/or social care needs; and
  • things that you need help with.

You may have more than one assessment. The person doing the assessment should explain the purpose of each assessment to you.

How is your budget calculated?
Your personal budget is calculated based on the outcome of your assessment.

If you are an adult and receive a personal budget for your social care you may be asked to make a financial contribution. See page 25  for further information about Fairer Charging.

If you would like more information about self-directed support and personal budgets, please contact the Nottingham Health and Care Point on 0300 300 33 33 or email

What can you spend it on?
You will have a support plan that clearly states what you can spend your personal budget on. This will reflect your assessed needs and will be dependent on the amount of personal budget you have been given. Here are some services that you may wish to consider purchasing either directly or using a personal budget if you are eligible.