Sensory impairments in Norfolk

Sensory Support Unit

Sensory Support carries out a range of assessments including statutory and pre-eligibility services within the principles of the Care Act.

The principal services are:

  • Assessments conducted in sign language.
  • Equipment and access needs for Deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Rehabilitation and habilitation provision for visually impaired people.
  • Assessment and provision for people with dual sensory loss.

All assessments required by sign language users should be referred to Sensory Support. Where additional specialist need is required we will undertake joint assessments.

Technical support and environmental aids

The Sensory Support Unit provides assessments for people where their hearing is causing barriers to communication and daily living needs. Sensory Support may be able to provide a short-term intervention or re-direct you to the voluntary sector to support any identified needs. You may be provided with environmental aids to eliminate or minimise the difficulties.

Rehabilitation for visually impaired people

Rehabilitation is an early intervention for which you should not need an assessment of eligibility. It is a form of reablement for people who have a visual impairment to enable independent living. The team provides mobility training, helps with communication skills and support to manage your domestic needs, such as cooking, cleaning, and safety. The rehabilitation team can also provide specific interventions around emotional support and assist you to pursue hobbies and social interaction.

Dual sensory loss

People with little or no sight and hearing find it extremely difficult to communicate and might lack confidence to engage in activities. Risk of depression and muscle wastage is seven times greater for people who experience dual sensory loss.

The Sensory Support Unit carries out assessments and provides short-term interventions using communicator guides where appropriate, to build confidence and help people to become active and motivated again.

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