Sensory Services for people with a sensory impairment

These are services for people who:

  • Have a dual sensory loss (deaf/blind).
  • Are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Have severe sight loss (blind).
  • Are partially sighted or experiencing significant visual loss.

The council can offer advice and information covering a wide range of issues surrounding sensory loss.

Once you have been referred to a sensory worker the team will offer an assessment of your abilities and social care needs. If eligible, the council will work with you to decide which services/equipment will meet your needs.

The team also offer support to families and carers and can provide a separate assessment for carers of disabled people.

If you need services that are provided by other teams (e.g. home care or day services) the council will work with you to meet your needs. The council also work closely with the
voluntary sector.

For more information please contact Kirklees Council’s Gateway to care on 01484 414933 or visit: