Sheltered housing in Leeds

Sheltered housing in Leeds

Sheltered (or retirement) housing is suitable for people who like living independently but need the reassurance of knowing that help is at hand if there is an emergency. There are many different types of sheltered schemes, available both to rent and to buy. Schemes usually consist of between 15 and 40 dwellings. These may be bedsitting rooms, self-contained flats or bungalows.

Sheltered housing: how to apply
In Leeds, sheltered housing is provided by Leeds City Council, housing associations, charities and independent organisations.

There is a centralised application system that works for all of the council housing and also for some of the Housing Associations (Leeds Federated, Unity, Yorkshire Metropolitan and BITMO).

To apply through this system you need to fill in a Leeds Homes housing register form, and then you can make a ‘bid’ for a house.

You can ask for a medical housing assessment to see if you can get extra priority for re-housing and a recommendation on the type of accommodation that you require. (Address listed below.)

If you have access to the internet there is more information and a good system to see what is available on the Leeds Homes website. Or you can call in to speak to someone, or contact them by phone:

Leeds Homes
Tel: 0113 222 4413
Minicom: 0113 222 4410

Medical Rehousing Team
Ground Floor, Knowsthorpe Gate, Cross Green, Leeds LS9 0NP
Tel: 0113 395 2562

Aire Valley Homes
Tel: 0800 915 6660

East North East Homes
Tel: 0800 915 1600

West North West homes
Tel: 0800 915 1113

B.I.T.M.O. Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation
Tel: 0113 214 1833
Tel: 0800 389 5503
Call in their office at Aberfield Gate, Leeds LS10 3Q