Sheltered housing

Sheltered or retirement housing is suitable for people who enjoy living independently but need the reassurance of knowing that assistance is on hand if there is an emergency, or who expect to be away from home for long periods and need to know their home is safe. Often called retirement housing, there are many different types of sheltered schemes, available both to rent and to buy.

Schemes usually consist of between 15 and 40 dwellings. These may be bedsitting rooms, self-contained flats, bungalows or luxury apartments. Some schemes are simply housing designed to meet the needs of older people and linked to a community alarm. The majority of schemes have a scheme manager/warden and community alarm service. There are often communal facilities such as a lounge, laundry, guest flat and garden. Meals are not normally provided but a few schemes include a restaurant and some can arrange hot meals.

Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) is a not-for-profit company managing nine sheltered housing schemes, totalling 517 units, through a team of 10 people. The properties all have their own kitchens and bathrooms and range from self-contained flats to bed-sits.