Short break care

You may have a relative or friend living with you, or perhaps living nearby, who helps you on a regular basis, a ‘carer’. Caring can be rewarding, but it can also bring stresses and strains, and many carers welcome the opportunity to have a break from the caring responsibilities. For peace of mind, you may need someone else to be with you so that your carer can have time to themselves and you may be able to make arrangements with other members of your family
or friends to spend time with you.

Whether you have a carer or not, you may wish to have a short break as a means of taking a rest from the day to day tasks you need to manage in order to maintain your own independence, or from the regular care that you receive.

If your assessment confirms that you or your carer need help to take a break, a care manager may be able to arrange a short break for you. This could be a sitting service at home, somewhere to go during the day or a short stay away from home in an appropriate setting. You can also choose to make your own arrangements using a personal budget.

Even if you do not require financial support from Adult Social Care, a care manager can offer advice about making arrangements for your break independently, if that would be useful.