Short-Term Assessment and Reablement Team (START) in North Yorkshire

A service to help you become more independent

START provides short-term support in your own home that is designed to help you become as independent as possible. It does not replace any medical or nursing needs you may have and may not be suitable for everyone.

For example, you may need support to gain or regain your ability to independently manage your personal care or to prepare a meal – the START service will encourage and enable you as much as possible to do things for yourself.

A START worker will work with you so that you can learn (or re-learn) important tasks needed for everyday life. They will assist and encourage, rather than do things for you.

Many people who receive support with START find that afterwards they can cope very well on their own, without the need for ongoing social care support. If they do need ongoing support, they may find that they need less.

How do I get START?

For many people, START will be discussed when you first have contact with us. This may be if you are living at home but finding that you are no longer managing as well as you did, or if you are returning home from treatment in hospital.

The START programme will not normally last longer than six weeks, and can be significantly less; even days. Progress will be reviewed with you every week by staff from START.

How do I find out what skills will help me?

A member of the START team will talk through what you would like to achieve and how the START service can support this by working with you to complete a START assessment.

Your goals and ways in which the service can support these goals are agreed with you. This will be written down in a document called an Intervention Plan which you and START workers will follow.

How will START work for me?

The START Intervention Plan is tailored to meet your assessed needs and to meet the outcomes that have been agreed with you. As you make progress, your visits, or length of visits, may reduce and this will be reflected in the Intervention Plan.

Will I need any special equipment?

START workers may suggest that you carry out some tasks in a slightly different way to make them easier for you to do on your own and, if assistive technology is identified as a potential aid to independence, this will be explored with you. You may have to purchase small pieces of equipment to make certain tasks easier. START workers will be able to show you a catalogue of equipment and will also provide you or your carer with information about specialist shops in the area.

We may also provide some equipment but this would be fully discussed with you. We encourage everyone to take up the use of Telecare and Lifelines.

What happens when START is finished?

Once you have reached your optimum independence or if you require ongoing support, the service becomes chargeable and we will carry out a financial assessment to determine any contribution you and/or us will make. We will let you know the date that the charges will commence.

A social care assessor will discuss with you how to meet any ongoing needs, and any Personal Budget that will be available to support and manage this.

If you do not need or want ongoing services, START will also discuss with you whether you wish for a referral to be made to our Income Maximisation Team. They will help to ensure that you are receiving all the financial benefits you are entitled to.