Short term care services in Kent

A short term bed is a service provided for a maximum of six weeks that aims to provide care in our communities, close to individuals’ homes and their carers.

By offering a range of residential and nursing beds:

  • A carer can book a short break at least seven days in advance, to have some time to themselves away from their caring role thus offering the carer respite
  • Individuals can receive intermediate care services from the health service, if appropriate to meet the needs of the individual
  • Practitioners can make an assessment of those whose longer term future is uncertain to make sure of the best outcomes for that individual in the short and longer term – avoiding unnecessary permanent admissions
  • Emergency/crisis support can be provided, such as when a carer has to go into hospital or to prevent breakdown of the caring role
  • Families and social care can support the safeguarding of individuals and their carers.

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