Short-term help

Sometimes we need a little extra help and care at certain times in our lives. This can be because of falling or tripping, going into hospital or because of a general decrease in our mobility and wellbeing. When this happens, there are a number of short-term solutions which will help you to regain as much independence as possible.

‘Out of Hours’

The Isle of Wight Council operates an ‘Out of Hours’ service to deal with crises in people’s care or with any welfare emergency involving adults, that occur outside normal office hours and Bank Holidays including Christmas and New Year. In the case of a major incident affecting residents or visitors the ‘Out of Hours’ service will facilitate crisis support.

To contact them in an emergency out of normal hours call: 01983 821105

Leaving hospital

Patients, their families and carers may be offered a range of services to help make discharge from hospital quicker and safer. Referrals are made by the wards to the Hospital Social Work Team for an assessment. Services may be provided as follows:

  • domiciliary care/reablement – care and support at home to help you regain or maintain your independence;
  • occupational therapist – who assesses your ability to undertake daily tasks at home and give advice on how you can maintain and improve your independence they may also provide aids and adaptations to support you living independently in your own home; or
  • residential services – usually on a temporary basis to help you regain your daily living skills and return home.

For more information about paying for your care please see page 9.


As part of a joint health and social care reablement service, support is provided in someone’s own home to enable them to recover and regain their independence following a period of illness or significant deterioration.

This is a short-term service, funded jointly by health and social care and is free at the point of delivery, lasting between one and six weeks. The service will cease at the point the person has regained their independence or as soon as it is apparent that there is a long term
support need.

For more information please contact the Reablement Support Team on: 01983 567552.